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About the Trade Show

The Eastern Video Expo will have one of the largest trade shows in the country devoted to educating and supporting community media, TV and Film production, and local broadcasting. Every effort has been made to insure that day 1 of the conference is devoted to the vendors, their products and presentations allowing attendees access to everything they need without having the need to leave the floor.

The trade show floor will house the Breakfast with the Vendors, as well as educational presentations by vendors.

Last year’s vendors have already begun to reserve space. A number of new vendors are interested in participating this year and we are going to sell out fast. The Vendor Floor Map below will provide updates on space availability. Location priority and discounts are available to vendors who will also sponsor one of our events or make a donation in support of community media.

Please take a moment to view our Rate Card and Sponsorship Details page.

Trade Show Floor Map

Last Updated December 2, 2020

Trade show floor map. Updated December 2, 2020.