Student Symposium

The Student Symposium is designed to give students valuable insights and knowledge into the world of television production.


The Eastern Video Expo is proud to offer a unique outreach program to New Jersey high school and vocational school students.  In partnership with the Jersey Access Group, this symposium  gives students who are interested in television production, an opportunity to participate in a *free* day-long program to explore this amazing field.

This exceptional symposium allows both students and teachers to learn, network, and exchange ideas with the other attendees.  Students will even have the opportunity to acquire insider information on the potential employment pathways into the broadcast and community access television industries.

While visiting the expo’s impressive trade show floor, students and educators will have the opportunity to meet with our expert vendors, who will be showcasing their very latest in media technology.  Everyone will be able to ask questions, learn about, explore, and operate some of the newest production equipment.  Being able to see and use this video equipment will increase the students’ exposure to this field and build their awareness of the intricacies of producing programming.

Student Projects and Showcases

Students can bring along their video equipment to record the event. They will be able to conduct reports and create classroom based assignments throughout the day.

Students will also have the opportunity to present videos that they have created to other students, as well as our guest speaker, for critiquing.


Raven Santana, Correspondent, New Jersey's PBS affiliate NJTV

Raven Santana is a correspondent for New Jersey’s PBS affiliate NJTV. She began her career as a Field Producer/Production Assistant for FOX 5 in New York, while she reported part-time as a general assignment reporter for WZBN-News in Trenton. Raven got her first big break in Springfield, Massachusetts where she worked for NBC affiliate WWLP for 2 years as a reporter.

She was able to return back to her home state of New Jersey in 2013 as a reporter for FiOS1 News, where she covered several national stories including the capture of Linden Bombing Suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami and won awards for her breaking news coverage of “The Ewing House Explosion”.

She holds a Bachelors degree in Radio/TV/ Film and a minor in Economics from Rowan University.

When she’s not working, Raven loves traveling, exercising and spending time with her new baby girl Sydney, her husband, family and close friends.

Breakout Sessions

Creative Camera Work

There is a difference between simply recording something and creating something artistic. Great camera work is more than point and shoot. It is understanding the emotional moment of the scene and then creating imagery that supports and helps communicate it. Award Winning cinematographer We will give a workshop on how to use camera framing as a storytelling device.

Instructor: David Landau, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Film Program

Audio 101 — Common sense approach to good sound!

Too often we’re besieged with technical specs, equipment, etc., so that we forget about simplistic common sense approaches to sound and video.. By remaining aware of our environment, we can often overcome the limitations and obstacles to get good sound. What good is the ‘”right mic” in a loud noisy room or a busy outdoor location if we first don’t listen the sounds that are already there? Somehow this basic concept is all too often overlooked!

Other Audio Basics will include emphasizing the midrange and over compensating for the low frequency, not recording dialog on one track and music on another, and not blending them together. Audio is often the greatest challenge for producers and videographers. This workshop will increase your “audio confidence”.

Instructor: Bob Nicholson, Audio Engineer

Directing Basics: 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Best Video Product

After many years directing live television, I’ve seen lots of things go wrong! Learn the 10 Do’s and Don’ts for your creation. These simple tips will guide you in preventing silly mistakes from spoiling your production, or help you correct them when they occur.

Instructor: David Bandfield, Director ABC