Affinity Lunch Topics

May 31, 2018

12:00pm – 1:30pm, Regency Ballroom

  1. Right-of-Way Update
    Ken Fellman, Helmer, Conley and Kasselman
  2. Closed Captioning
    • Brandon Dittman, Helmer, Conley and Kasselman
    • Paul Andrews, SVP of Sales & Marketing, TelVue
  3. Social Media for Access
    • Lawrence Greenberg, Marketing, TV Production, Cage Free Projects
  4. Fundraising and Added Revenue
    • Chris Mazauskas, Resource Development Officer, Edison Township
  5. Net Neutrality
    • Nancy Werner, General Counsel, National Association of Telecommunication Officers and Advisors
  6. Hyper-local Media
    • Freepress Rep.
  7. Making Your Live Production Better
    • Varto Keshishian, President, Varto Technologies
  8. Live Streaming Your Content and Events
    • Ken Freed, JVC District Manager